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Tap into the billion dollar CPR, AED and first aid training industry. As an Emergency First Response Instructor, you align yourself with the fastest-growing international CPR, AED and first aid training organisation.

Emergency First Response high quality instruction courses, state-of-the-art training materials and flexible delivery methods give you the tools you need to develop your students’ skills and to create the confidence they need to provide care when emergency situations arise.

When you align yourself with Emergency First Response, you benefit from:

  • The backing of an established brand with unparalleled customer service and marketing support
  • The use of award-winning, competitively priced course materials available in 18 different languages
  • The freedom to market your services independently with no market limits or chapter restrictions
  • Shorter classroom hours with better learning. The Emergency First Response independent study model provides a focused learning environment and entails less classroom time for you and your students
  • Courses that were designed by experts in instructional system design and emergency medical management
  • The convenience of one-stop shopping for all your course materials and training aids

About Emergency First Response

With more than 31,000 instructors worldwide, Emergency First Response is backed by 36 years of experience in the development and delivery of instructional courses, training materials and educational curricula. The Emergency First Response First Aid at Work course is Work Cover NSW approved (FAO3146) and can also be delivered in flexible mode (5 hours).

Emergency First Response’s course curricula are based on current patient care standards as published in Guidelines 2005 Standards for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care, and the consensus view of the Basic Life Support (BLS) Working Group of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). ILCOR is an international standards group representing most of the world’s major resuscitation organization’s.

Emergency First Response is the fastest growing international CPR, AED and first aid training organisation.

Focused on training the lay rescuer, the Emergency First Response low-stress, performance-based approach to training builds confidence in lay rescuers and increases their willingness to respond when faced with a medical emergency.